Word on the street...

“Marie-Josee Dandeneau is the artist we all seek: eclectic, energetic, with a fresh approach to performing. On stage, one is immediately struck by her brilliant technique, (so rarely) accompanied by intuitive, musical sensitivity. A super-talented musician and all-round nice girl. Five stars! Canada should be proud.”
(Adele Wilding, Award-winning singer/songwriter/pianist, UK)

“MJ is a world class bass player and an absolute professional. She plays the right notes, at the just the right time, with the most intuitive feel i’ve had the pleasure to work with. She’s the complete package, rare to find!!”  (Lynne Hanson, singer/songwriter/ Ottawa)

“Her unique combination of fretless, fretted and upright bass has allowed her to carve a unique identity in a competitive market. I would recommend Marie-Josee to you as a brilliant and creative professional musician who inspires artists and audiences whenever she plays! ”
(Rik Leaf, singer/songwriter/Producer, Winnipeg)

“The Canadian, MJ Dandeneau provides a wonderful and sensitive pocket groove with her bass-playing and makes the whole into something very extraordinary. With her fretless bass playing, she produces characteristic sounds on stage that would leaves you an unforgettable impression. “
(Holland Newspaper Nausikaä de Blaauw, De Groene Zwaan, Holland)

“Marie-Josee is a one of a kind musician – multi-talented that has the ability to learn other people’s songs precisely and quickly and she knows how to entertain a crowd, with high energy and movement. Her bass skills out-do any other bass player I have personally played with or seen and heard.“
(Toby, singer/songwriter, Award-winning WA Blues & Roots, Australia)

“I was particularly impressed with bassist, Marie-Josée Dandeneau. The most physically striking member of the band is the de facto musical leader, boldly outlining the song’s strong melody lines with some hard-grooving bass licks…Marie-Josée Dandeneau’s dazzling display on the introspective “The Angels Tell Her” were easily worth the bargain admission price alone.”
(journalist John Jane, Vancouver Festival)

“Marie-josee Dandeneau – upright and fretless bass, this young women is inspiring just being in the room with her, so musical, what a groove-diva!”
(Victor DeLorenzo, The Violent Femmes)

“MJ is an extraordinary musician, band leader. She never fails to bring musical beauty to the stage.”
(Xavier Rudd, singer songwriter, Australia)