“MJ is one of the hardest-working musicians (for studio and touring) in this part of the world”
-Winnipeg FreePress

Tour Dates

 Jan 29  Indigenous Music Camp   Falcon Lake, MB  Canada   Teaching
 Jan 30  Indigenous Music Camp   Falcon Lake, MB  Canada   Teaching
 Jan 31  Indigenous Music Camp   Falcon Lake, MB  Canada   Teaching
 Feb 1  Indigenous Music Camp   Falcon Lake, MB  Canada   Teaching
 Feb 2  Indigenous Music Camp   Falcon Lake, MB  Canada   Teaching
 Feb 18  Festival Du Voyageur   Winnipeg, MB  Canada   Oh My Darling
 Fev 19  Festival Du Voyageur   Winnipeg, MB  Canada   Oh My Darling
 Mar 1  Roland Centre for the Arts   Moorhead, MN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 2  Fergus Falls Center Arts   Fergus Falls, MN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 4  Reif Performing Art Center   Grand Rapids, MN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 5  The Cedar Cultural Center   Minneapolis, MN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 7  Butler Arts Center   Indianapolis, IN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 9  The Jasper Arts Center   Jasper, IN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 10  Arts Moser Theatre   Portland, IN  USA   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 16  Blue Mountains Festival   Katoomba, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 17  Blue Mountains Festival   Katoomba, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 18  Blue Mountains Festival   Katoomba, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 22  Theater Milton   Milton, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 23  Balgowlah Bowling Club   Manly, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 24  Yackandandah Festival   Yackandandah, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 25  Yackandandah Festival   Yackandandah, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 29  National Folk Festival   Canberra, ACT  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 30  National Folk Festival   Canberra, ACT  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Mar 31  National Folk Festival   Canberra, ACT  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 1  National Folk Festival   Canberra, ACT  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 2  National Folk Festival   Canberra, ACT  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 3  House Concert   Sydney, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 4  Metropole Guesthouse   Katoomba, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 5  Leadbelly   Newtown, NSW  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 6  The Spotted Mallard   Brunswick, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 7  The Ararat Hotel   Ararat, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 8  Valencia Creek Hall   Briagolong, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 10  Victorian Folk Club   Ringwood, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 Apr 11  Caravan Club   Oakleigh, VIC  Australia   The Good Lovelies
 May 7  Brew Creek Centre   Squamish, BC  Canada   First Peoples Cultural Arts
 May 8  Brew Creek Centre   Squamish, BC  Canada   First Peoples Cultural Arts
 May 9  Brew Creek Centre   Squamish, BC  Canada   First Peoples Cultural Arts
 May 10  Brew Creek Centre   Squamish, BC  Canada   First Peoples Cultural Arts
 May 18  Kornbrennerei   Verden  Germany   Leela Gilday
 May 19  Music Star   Norderstedt  Germany   Leela Gilday
 May 20  Podium Café   Steendam  Netherlands   Leela Gilday
 May 23  Neue Welt Blues Festival   Ingolstadt  Germany   Leela Gilday
 May 24  Patio live air concert   Schwäbisch-Hall  Germany   Leela Gilday
 May 25  Da Alte E-Werk   Blankenburg  Germany   Leela Gilday
 May 26  Café Praxmair   Kitzbühel  Austria   Leela Gilday
 May 27  Kulturgasthaus Bierstindl   Innsbruck  Austria   Leela Gilday
 May 28  Sichtbar   Fügen  Austria   Leela Gilday
 May 30  Die Erbse   Dillenburg  Germany   Leela Gilday
 May 31  Höhte   Linnich-Kofferen  Germany   Leela Gilday
 June 1  Erzrock Unplugged   Saarbrücken  Germany   Leela Gilday
 June 2  Scheune   Bad Wünnenberg  Germany   Leela Gilday
 June 3   Leela Gilday
 June 4  Jugendzentrum Karo   Wesel  Germany   Leela Gilday
 June 8  2018 Venice Arsenale   Venice  Italy   Leela Gilday
 June 9  2018 Venice Arsenale   Venice  Italy   Leela Gilday
 June 23  Aboriginal Day Live   Winnipeg, MB  Canada   Oh My Darling
 June 29  Alianait Music Festival   Iqualuit  Nunavut   Leela Gilday
 June 30  Alianait Music Festival   Iqualuit  Nunavut   Leela Gilday
 July 1  Alianait Music Festival   Iqualuit  Nunavut   Leela Gilday
 July 7  Harrison Festival   Harrison,BC  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 8  Harrison Festival   Harrison,BC  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 13  Mountain Music   Hinton, AB  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 14  Mountain Music   Hinton, AB  Canada   Leela Gilday
 May 15  Mountain Music   Hinton, AB  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 16  Northern Music Festival   Inuvik, NWT  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 17  Northern Music Festival   Inuvik, NWT  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 18  Northern Music Festival   Inuvik, NWT  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 19  Northern Music Festival   Inuvik, NWT  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 20  Mission Folk Festival   Mission, BC  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 21  Mission Folk Festival   Mission, BC  Canada   Leela Gilday
 July 22  Mission Folk Festival   Mission, BC  Canada   Leela Gilday
 Oct 3  Roots in 't Groen   Geldrop  Netherland   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 5  Da Alte E-Werk   Blankenburg  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 6  Open Air Concert   Schwäbisch-Hall  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 11  Club am Donnerstag   Bergedorf  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 12  Savoy Kino   Bordesholm  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 13  Music Star Theatre   Norderstedt  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 14  Fahrradkeller   Berlin  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 17  Apex   Gottingen  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 18  Live Matrix Stage   EDE  Netherlands   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 19  Art Gallery   Solingen  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 21  Cowhide House Concert   Schwalbach Taunus  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 25  Kofferfabrik   Fürth  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 26  Höhte   Linnich-Kofferen  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 27  Het Keizershof   Turnhout  Belgium   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 29  Karo   Wesel  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 30  C.ult   Bielefeld  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Oct 31  St.Barbara Church   Lichtentanne  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 1  Art Space   Frankfurt  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 2  Laboratorium   Stuttgart  Germany   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 3  Salle des Fêtes   Obermodern  France   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 4  Bar de la paix   Contrexeville  France   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 7  Grateful Fred's   Southport  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 8  The Gallery at Woodend   Scarborough  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 9  Music in the Hall   Bewdley  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 10  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 12  Musician   Leicester  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 15  Garsrang Unplugged   Garstang  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 16  Haile Village Hall   Cumbria  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 17  Town Hall Live   Kirton in Lindsey  UK   Lynne Hanson
 Nov 18  The Wightman   Wightman  UK   Lynne Hanson

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